Experimental Communist Garden Club


“Experimental Communist Garden Club” - 2017
Series include posters, sculptures, lectures, performances

The ECGC was a long term research/intervention project performed during 2017 at Art Center College of Design. The basic idea behing the project was to create a club that would push the boundaries of what would be accepted by an educational institution. The college encourages the creation of clubs which promote student involvement. My personal response to this invitation was to create a “Gardening Communist Club” that would exist in a space between been a formal experiment as well as having a slight hint of a joke. How can a “Communist Club” exists within a formal institution that directly depends on corporate/private funding.

The project includede a series of silkscreen “propaganda” posters, mobile sculptures that could hold plants, books and projectors, as well as formal meetings with interested members. The whole processs was documented from its conception.

artcenter campus life-6795.jpg