Silent Between Your Hand And Hope

“Silent Between Your Hand And Hope” -2018

HD Video 6:31 minutes

An exploration between sound + time + city. Shot during a three-month artist residency in Berlin over the winter period of 2018. To some extent, the oneiric structure of the film is a response to the phenomenological shock the human mind experiences when being confronted for the first time to a long winter period.

Coming from the tropics, time is usually consistent all throughout the year. Nevertheless, something as simple as having a different perception and physical experience of time, lead to an inner reflection about its subjectivity. Perhaps this relation of the human body to time is also hinted by the interaction of the characters to long instances during the film when nothing happens. Periods when the urban structure forces the body to rest and lay still. Such moments like the voyage on the train or periods of observing a cat, the moments were we allow inner drift to occur.

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.00.49 PM.png