The Image Is My Burden

“La Imagen Es Mi Carga” / “The Image Is My Burden” - 2018

HD Video 12 minutes

The film was shot using documentation of the artist’s flight from Los Angeles to Berlin. As well as footage in the historic site of Glogauair’s building built in 1896 by architect Ludwig Hoffman. A former school and survivor of the WWII bombings, the building itself has a memory; the walls, the ceilings and the air which inhabits it, almost as forgotten file stored within an SD card.

It is a short narrative that exists between the fictional and real space. A point in time where human memory and physical digital files go back and forth. Sound connects all of them. There is no real story line or plot, but there is a hint of a connection between the three characters in the film. The structure somewhat resembles that of a dream, where a corrupted, hacked and encrypted file can lead towards a poetic approach to cinema.

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